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At Clever Solution, we implement Agile methodology and the most innovative software tools to provide you with exemplary software development services

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Taking into account the competitive environment of the contemporary software development market, we are proud to offer our customers our high-quality, affordable and time-saving software development solutions.

Our professional software services range from ecommerce to API development, providing our customers with multiple options. We create state-of-the art products with attractive designs and high standards.

Clever can help you find a unique software development solution for your business. We build custom apps from scratch, or we can upgrade your existing software to meet today’s needs.

Our soft dev approach embraces innovation at all levels. At Clever, we stay on top of the latest technological trends that can benefit our existing and future clients.

Additionally, we provide superb software development solutions for mobile integration and development.

Our full-cycle software development is guided by Agile methodology, allowing us to manage our tasks efficiently and on time. Customer participation is at the core of the Agile process, ensuring overall satisfaction and a top-quality end product.

At Clever, we implement Scrum as a subset of the Agile philosophy. Scrum’s algorithm enables business owners to achieve their desired software development solution by analyzing the feedback and preferences of potential customers.

To learn more about how Clever Solution implements Agile and Scrum to deliver exemplary performance, click here.

Software Development Services

Many companies around the world offer software development as a service - from software integration to custom app development. Giving life to new software products is a creative process that requires professionalism and devotion. At Clever, we listen to our customers to deliver a superb end product
Custom Software
Our innovative software services allow us to build customized applications for our clients that specifically meet your needs and requirements
We offer a wide range of software application development services to help your ecommerce business succeed
Web application
As a software development service provider, we offer a wide variety of options for web development solutions
We will design a custom corporate website to suit your business needs and outshine your competition. You can view our website development portfolio here
APIs are essential to any online business. The experienced specialists at Clever are skilled at developing and integrating APIs
We provide our customers with innovative cloud-based framework solutions, for convenient integration and utilization of your business operations and services
IT staff
We select software development professionals who are the best fit for your project requirements
We offer a wide range of software application development services to help your ecommerce business succeed
Smart organization is key to success. Manage and maintain content, and get the latest marketing tips with state-of-the-art custom technology

Software Development Process

A well-organized process is key to success for any venture. A systemic approach helps you achieve your goals on time, with minimal setbacks. At Clever Solution, we use the Agile + Scrum methodology to deliver superb software development services. In incremental sprints, we solve complex development and testing challenges and produce a top-quality end product for full customer satisfaction. Review our process here:

Clever Solution Software Development Company

We are a leading software development company with years of experience providing software product development services to our clients. By using Scrum methodology, we produce first-class products in incremental steps, leaving room for continuous revision and improvement. Our client is at the center of every project. We listen to your feedback throughout the course of development, to provide you with stellar software development service

Our prime purpose is to bring satisfaction to our customers by ensuring timely delivery at affordable costs. To better serve our clients, we incorporate the most innovative and cost-effective software development tools. Guided by the Agile philosophy, we compose unique solutions for every project, and we select the most competent staff to bring your project to life

Why choose Clever Solution?

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Software development service provider with 10+ years of experience

Cutting-edge digital marketing services

Professional software and IT development services

Mobile app development and web integrations

Innovative methodologies and out-of-the-box solutions

A close-knit, adaptable team, able to meet individual project needs

Experience, diverse backgrounds and knowledge

Custom-focused approach

Scrum-guided Iterative process

Customer participation is encouraged

Cost-effective and time-efficient

Ongoing support after product release

We Also Provide

Software requirement analysis
We determine the functional and non-functional requirements of your software project, based on user stories and other factors
Software Consulting
After carefully examining your unique project requirements, we consult with you on the best options available for your project
Product prototyping
To save costs and time, we design a prototypical model of your future project that reflects your needs. The prototype can be adjusted according to your feedback

Our awards

Clutch Top App Developers 2020
Superbcompanies TOP SEO companies 2020
Best Mobile App Developers in New York City
SEO Tribunal
Top SEO Companies from the USA Top 20
2020 Manifest Top 25+ Drupal Developers In New York
Clutch Top SEO 2020
2019 Manifest Top 40 Pay-Per-Click Agencies In New York
Stevie Bronze
Clutch Top B2B
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a service in software development?

The concept of IT software development service encompasses software development and testing, along with all the steps of the software development lifecycle, including planning, consulting, customer communications and support. Our software development services company delivers outstanding services to our customers, from consulting and planning to product development and maintenance.

Service also refers to the internal functionality of your software project, such as information retrieval, information processing and command execution. Service also encompasses software subscription services.

Our software development company website offers a full description of all our services.

What are the stages of software development?

Our software development process incorporate Agile methodology:

  • Planning – learning from the client’s stories, defining the product and its characteristics, discussing the details and costs.
  • Design – creating a prototype of the product for the client’s feedback and approval.
  • Development – product development and testing.
  • Deployment and release – putting your product to work in the real world.

Learn more about the Agile process on our software company website.

What are 5 common problems in the software development process?
  • Using an ineffective method or tool
  • Miscommunication
  • Development software issues
  • Stress
  • Software developer services done behind schedule
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